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About Our Firm

Since 2008, Sobieski CPA has been assisting family-owned businesses and farms, and their owners, in achieving “financial success”. Everybody’s definition of financial success is different. We help you determine your definition and then help you get there. Our expertise in tax, accounting, technology, planning, and customer service enables us to do this effectively and efficiently.

At Sobieski CPA, we have embraced the new technology available to us and our clients. This gives you access to real-time financial data anytime, from anywhere. This helps you plan, rather than needing to react.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sobieski CPA is to provide family-owned businesses and farms with the knowledge, tools and support needed to thrive today and for decades to come.

Skip Sobieski

Skip formed Sobieski CPA in 2008 after working nearly fifteen years for J. Lincoln Hirst, II CPA in Greenfield, MA. Skip is a 1993 graduate of the School of Management at UMass-Amherst and holds a B.B.A. degree with a concentration in accounting.

Skip is a member of the AICPA as well as the MSCPA, and also sits on the board of assessors for the town of Deerfield.


Betsy Sobieski

Betsy joined the firm in 2013 and is in charge of customer service, payroll and bookkeeping.

Betsy is the JV girls basketball coach at Frontier Regional High School and a dedicated mother to our three daughters, Amelia, Summer, and Faythe.



Hettie is our loyal, faithful, and very friendly greeter. Seeing you makes her day!

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